Friday, May 26, 2017

Week 32: Roasting the Staff with Limericks (week of 5/26/2017)

This week was a very poetic week! We started with personification and moved into limericks, acrostic poetry, and finally couplets.

We started the week by sharing our personifications out to the class. I heard a variety of different qualities, feelings, and traits personified from anger and joy to sadness and betrayal to adrenaline and love. Hearing my students take these traits and turn them into "people" was really inspiring. What usually starts as "this is really hard" turns out to be amazing writing. If your son or daughter hasn't shared their personification with you yet, beg them to share it with you. You will be impressed!!!

We tried our hands at haikus for two days. I like haikus because they're short, sweet, and to the point. Plus, they don't rhyme which makes them easier to write. I also like the fact that they're focused on nature and its beauty. For me, they're a lot of fun. We then moved onto a sillier poetry project, the limerick. I reminded my students of what limericks are, showed them some samples, and then gave them their guidelines. Mr. Calandro and I had been talking in the office before school that day and came up with the idea: have the students honor or "roast" the teachers and staff on campus in their limerick. The students loved the idea and immediately started to find ways to honor and make fun of their favorite teachers. I let my classes know that they had to be nice, as I'd be compiling their work and sharing it with their teachers. The limericks were hilarious and well done!

We ended the week by taking a look at couplets. Couplets are poems where the stanzas are broken into two lines with rhymes at the end. My students are writing couplets about something they enjoy and are tasked with writing four stanzas (for a total of eight lines). While couplets are a little sing-songy, they're not annoying enough for me to avoid. I avoid other, more annoying types of poetry but couplets are easy and fun!

Lastly, my Donor's Choose project is coming to a close shortly. On Wednesday, June 7th, the project will close and we'll either be fully funded and receive our materials or the money will be returned to the donator who then gets to decide where the money goes (to another project on the website, back to the teacher as a gift card, etc.). That's the bad news. However, there's A LOT of good news!!! Since the last time I posted we've received a lot of donations. We're officially $247 away from a fully funded project!!! Thank you all who have donated and spread the word for our amazing students. I'm floored by everyone's generosity and support. THANK YOU!!!

If you still would like to donate or know someone who does, please send them to my class page on Donor's Choose:

Question for the dinner table/drive home:
1. What has been your favorite type of poetry so far? Why did you enjoy writing it?
2. How does figurative language enhance poetry? Which part of figurative language does the best job at enhancing writing? Why do you think that?
3. What is one thing you've done this year that you're especially proud of? What makes you proud of it?

Warmest wishes,
Kevin Laffin

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