Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 23: Three Down, One to Go! New Opportunities Await... (week of 3/17/2017)

It's official! Third quarter is officially in the book. Quarter report cards should be arriving in two weeks. For your son or daughter's current progress, please check PowerSchool. Also, please note that grades for third quarter are finalized at this time. Any assignment with a zero, whether it's missing or late, will remain a zero in the gradebook. Now is a great time to have a conversation with your son or daughter about not only finishing strong, but also about all of the opportunities they'll be presented with this quarter in preparation for their eighth grade year. More on those opportunities later in the blog.

Up first, the Independent Book Project. This quarter, students experienced the trials and tribulations of working in a group. I really stressed the idea of "teamwork makes the dream work" to my students often throughout this unit. While there were some less-than-desirable outcomes for some groups, most fared really well. In their presentations, I saw that they'd really dug deep into their book and gotten to know their characters and settings well. The weekly book club meetings strengthened each individual students' understanding of the book in general as well as in relation to the various lenses we looked through (point of view, characterization, tone and purpose, etc.). I was really impressed with the book talks as well as the travelogues that were produced as a result. The two days we spent building the slideshows in class were impressive as I heard students in their books clubs compiling their knowledge to present the best information possible. In addition, my students really held themselves and their groups accountable for sticking to "final form" in an effort to present the most academic and scholarly slideshow possible. If you haven't gotten a chance yet, ask to see your son our daughter's handiwork. I think you'll be impressed!

As a reminder, any work that is not turned in when collected for whatever reason (late, absent) will be graded/updated in the gradebook when I have a chance to get to it. Please keep this in mind as we go into our final quarter as the last day of school is the deadline for ALL work. Please continue checking my homework website, Google Classroom, and PowerSchool to ensure that your son or daughter is as successful as they can be. It is up to the student to check my homework website, Google Classroom, PowerSchool, the "extras/absent box", and call their classmates for any work they may have missed. I do not offer any extra credit work in my class for any reason. Students should do their regular work and aim for the "above standard" category on every assignment that has a rubric. "Above standard" results in extra credit. The only other extra credit I offer is Kahoot and Quizlet Live; students must be on the leaderboard to receive extra credit. This can be done by diligently completing assignments and studying the provided Quizlet vocabulary sets on my homework website.

Lastly, the fourth quarter is here and so are the new opportunities that eighth graders get. Soon, we'll be presenting the elective options to our 7th graders in an assembly. Wheel electives now become semester electives, for the most part. Leadership is available to eighth graders who want to put on activities for our student body. There is a mandatory Leadership meeting at lunch on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 in H1 for all interested students. There will also be an application and interview process in preparation for next year's Leadership class. In addition, we're rolling into our second year with the WEB program. Ms. Ahearn and I, the WEB Program Coordinators, will begin taking applications for future WEB Leaders and will hold interviews soon. WEB is not an elective class at Laguna, but an extra-curricular leadership and volunteer program. Your son or daughter's elective choice will not be affected in any way by choosing to be a WEB Leader. That being said, there are some mandatory training and activity dates for all WEB Leaders. Information will be coming home soon. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

In addition to new elective opportunities, Accelerated Math and Accelerated English will also be offered to students who qualify. I'm told information has already gone home for both, but stay tuned if I'm mistaken. There will be multiple testing opportunities for both classes.

Question for the dinner table/drive home:
1. What did you learn about working with your friends in a group project? Did you get the grades you were expecting on the project? Why or why not?
2. The next time you're given the opportunity to choose a group to work with, what will you remember?
3. What opportunities are you looking forward to for your eighth grade year? How can you ensure that you finish the year strong and get those opportunities?

Warmest wishes,
Kevin Laffin

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