Saturday, June 4, 2016

Week 38: AMAZING Job Interviews!!! (week of 6/3/16)

After two and a half months of reading, research, and hard work, students presented their mock job interviews to the class. We started in April with our Biography Prep Sheet. This handout was provided as a place for students to really look at the person they read about and find the important information about that person. Students looked at early life/family, education, career, influence, inspiration, and author's craft. Then, at the beginning of May, students were given their Job Interview Prep Sheet. This handout listed the five exact questions that the students would be answering during their interview. It also provided helpful hints as to what the interviewers are specifically looking for when they ask the questions.
Students were asked:
-Tell us a little about yourself.
-Why should we hire you for this position?
-What are your goals for this position?
-What are your weaknesses?
-How would other people describe you?

The students, at that point, also chose a job from the Community in "The Giver" for their biographical person to apply for. I provided a limited list of ten jobs for the students to choose from. All of the students' hard work culminated in their mock interview in front of the class. For each interview, I passed out "question cards" and had their classmates ask the questions. I've got to say, these interviews were AMAZING!!! Each and every student who presented did an amazing job presenting facts woven into their answers and explaining their answers thoroughly. I even had a few students in each class "dress to impress" for their interview. I am incredibly impressed by my students' hard work this week and their interviews, which were so professional and scholarly. Way to go!!!

We're in the home stretch now and the school year is winding down. As such, library books need to be returned not only to the LAMS library (if they were checked out there) but to my own, personal in-class library as well. If you notice books around the house or in backpacks with "LAFFIN" on the outside pages, please have them returned to me before the end of the school year. I'll be sending emails home this week letting you know if your son or daughter has one of my books.

Lastly, next Thursday is not only a half day but it's also the last day of school. Being such, any work that is missing online must be turned in by Thursday or it is a zero in the gradebook. Unlike the other due dates at the end of the other quarters and semesters, this one is a hard due date in that grades are solidified that day. Work cannot be dropped off at school on Friday or the following week. If it's not in, it doesn't get credit. Please check PowerSchool to not only check for missing work but to also see how amazing your son or daughter did on their Job Interview (if I'm not mistaken, everyone who presented on time this week scored "above standard", meaning they got extra credit on their project).

In AVID this week, we finished and published our websites, had our very last Tutorial, looked at the careers that would suit us the best in the future, and had a Fun Friday Tournament.

Questions for the drive home and dinner table:
-How did your interview go? What made it go that way? Are you happy with your grade?
-What do you think Jonas is going to do as he becomes the Receiver of Memory?
-Do you have any missing work or checked out library books?

Warmest wishes,

Kevin Laffin

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