Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 7: Research Party! (Week of 10/9/2015)

It was back to Tutorials for the AVID class this week as we tried our hands at round 2. This week, we were able to break into three groups (as compared to the two we broke into last week). I heard a lot of great questioning during the tutorials as students took a scholarly approach to their problem solving. I think the three smaller groups helped us get into the groove, making it easier to hear the presenters and group questioning as well as affording more people the chance to present their own Point of Confusion. I'm looking forward to the future where we'll be breaking into four total groups and moving outside of the classroom to tackle these amazing tutorial experiences.

We also took a look at our GPAs, grade point averages, this week and did some goal setting. It's important to be aware of one's grades and GPA before the quarter/semester ends as a means of keeping ourselves on track. Goal setting works much the same way. With a goal in mind, it's much easier to know where we're going and keep ourselves on track. To set a goal, we looked at our GPAs and then decided which goal to set: to keep our GPA the same or to shoot for a higher GPA. From there, we reflected on how our semester has gone so far and what we can do from now until the end of the quarter to reach our goal. I really like goal setting in all of my classes and have found that it really puts us on track for success.

It's research city in my English classes this week. With short tutorials by Mrs. Schwoerer, we were able to search for scholarly and academic articles to use for our Bullying Prevention Projects. We also learned how to tailor our searches to get exactly what we want, how to correctly cite our sources and create bibliography, and use "fair use" pictures for our presentations. Tuesday and Wednesday, Mr. Townsend and Ms. Knuttila's classes took over the library for their AMAZING Rome presentations so we wrote a second Precis paragraph on our bullying article and turned our knowledge into a bullying wheel (a graphic organizer). Thursday and Friday were dedicated to research and note-taking for their projects. Next week, we'll be starting with "boot camps" on Monday to talk about how each project is completed as well as proper interviewing and surveying techniques.

Don't forget to be awesome!
Kevin Laffin

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