Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 2: Better Late Than Never (Week of 9/4/2015)

Many apologies for the late blog post. Friday ended quickly and I moved this weekend so internet was nonexistent. But... we're back!!!

My AVID class was issued a challenge, to SLANT in each class (sit up/in front, lean forward, ask good questions, nod their head, talk to their teacher). They did an amazing job and helped each other reach their goal! We also started learning how to take Cornell Notes and are getting ready for our first binder check (organization is key). I've been really impressed with our conversations in class and am so proud of my amazing students!!!

In English, we began learning about the elements and structure of nonfiction. Through a Prezi (created by someone else and edited by me to fit the needs of my class), we learned that the parts of nonfiction can help us understand what we're reading before we even read the entire text. For example, we learned that titles and headings provide a brief, sometimes vague, synopsis or summary of the chapter. Pictures and captions can make math, history, and science come alive by providing examples. Footnotes and sidebars can help add information to the text when it wouldn't make sense inside the actual text. Admittedly, the week was a bit note heavy but we had some "brain breaks" built into our lessons to break up the monotony and give our hands a break. I really like getting my students talking about their information and going over it with classmates. The more they talk about what they learned, the more likely it is that they'll remember it for later. My English classes were troopers as we headed into our nonfiction quiz and I know that they rocked the quiz!

Don't forget to be awesome!!!
Kevin Laffin

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